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Pilings cirencesterDo you need an experienced contractor for piling services in Cirencester? Piling are one of the basics of construction and are the key support needed for a building of any sort.   Piling sets a deep foundation for any kind of building and is one of the most popular services that Charlton Piling & Foundations offers. There are different types of piling and different methods used, all of which we can assess to see suitability for the project in question.   These include using wood, steel or concrete inserted into the soil of the ground to a deep level, forming a solid base for the rest of the construction. Additional services in Cirencester including driven cased piles from 150mm to 450mm, augured piles, mini piling and also pile testing for existing buildings.


There are different reasons why a building needs underpinning work but whatever they are, Charlton Pilings in Cirencester is here to help. One of the most common reasons is that the existing foundation of the building needs strengthening or stabilising, particularly with older properties. It can be due to subsidence, where the soil has changed or poor soil conditions has led to the foundations moving. It can be due to flooding or other natural conditions while other nearby buildings can even cause problems. Underpinning may also be needed if any extra level of the building is planned, to ensure the foundations are stable enough to support the additional weight. Even changes in use to the building can lead to the need to reassess the foundation and possible have some underpinning work carried out.


Foundations are perhaps the most important part of any building as without the right ones, the building will not withstand the test of time, the elements and even the planned use.   Foundations can be shallow or deep and are influenced by factors such as the ground conditions, if there is water present and the nature of the building that will stand on them. The soil also plays a big part in the type of foundation used and here at Charlton Pilings we can help with the assessment to uncover exactly what kind of foundations is best for the building in question. We can then help with the associated piling and other work to ensure that the created building will last and withstand whatever uses its owners will require from it.

Basement groundworks

In many countries, basements are something commonly used but here in the UK, we sometimes forget we can add space to our homes by going down rather than up or out. Here at Charlton Pilings in Cirencester we can help you add significant space to your home by adding a basement and specialise in the full range of basement groundworks. We can excavate the space required and ensure that the right foundations are in place while ensuring the main building doesn’t lose any stability and strength during the process. Basements are proving popular for a number of reasons, including that they tend to be far more energy efficient than other forms of extensions, saving money on utility bills. And having a new basement opens up numerous possibilities for the newly created space, often far more than would be possible with a loft conversion or extension.


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